Photovoltaic new energy circulation ecology based on blockchain technology

Blockchain technology innovation

With the arrival of a new round of industrial revolution, cloud computing, big data, Internet of things, block chain and other new generation of information technology in intelligent manufacturing, finance, energy, health care and other industries are becoming more and more important. And in this round of industrial revolution, the development of block chain information technology is particularly rapid, and quickly becomes the direction of deepening the application of information technology in various industries. From the current development path of blockchain technology, the development of blockchain technology and application needs cloud computing, big data, Internet of things and other new generation of information technology as infrastructure support, blockchain technology and application to promote the development of the new generation of information technology industry has an important promotion This is the historical premise of this wave of technological innovation.

The well-known technical characteristics of blockchain: with its trustworthiness, security and non-tampering, let more data be liberated and push forward the massive growth of data. The decentralization of the block chain enables the data to be kept on the block chain from every step record of collection, transaction, circulation and computational analysis, which makes the quality of the data obtain 2 unprecedented strong endorsement, and also ensures the correctness of the data analysis results and the efficiency of data mining. The blockchain can further standardize the use of data and refine the scope of authorization. For the data transaction circulation, it is advantageous to break through the information isolated island, establish the data horizontal circulation mechanism, and base on The value transfer network of block chain gradually promotes the formation of data trading scene based on globalization, which conforms to this scene, and the new energy field also enters the tide of block chain application era.

With the rapid development of the application of block chain, the scale of data will become larger and larger, and it is urgent for the seamless integration of different new energy business scenarios and block chain technology. Therefore, the blockchain technology engineers from all over the world, headed by the Australian Light Energy Ecological Enterprise, have emerged as the times require the blockchain technology based on the application of new energy technology and the Token ecological ——LEE of photovoltaic enterprises. Transformation and upgrading of traditional photovoltaic new energy industry, blockchain technology to solve the and promotion of traditional new energy related pain points. LEE complements SMEs in new energy services The technical blank of domain block chain, the technical support for the world new energy economy, as well as the technology of massive data storage and flexible and efficient analysis technology, greatly enhance the value of block chain data and the convenience of scene application.

National policy grants

With the development of mobile Internet, the popularity of smart phones, mobile payment has become a way of life, people go out without taking cash. Now whether it is online shopping or living payment, food, entertainment and other food, drink, housing and travel basically a mobile phone can be done. Global mobile payment market trading scale is expanding, third-party payment platform is also rising rapidly, even the United States paypal has joined the ranks of mobile payment. Mark Zuckerberg said at a congressional hearing Facebook cryptocurrency Libra that China is about to launch digital currency in a few months. In less than a week, China On the afternoon of October 24, China held the 18th collective study on the current situation and trend of blockchain technology development. In hosting the study, China has a good foundation in the field of blockchain the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation, and actively promote the development of blockchain and economic and social integration. global digital currency will set off a world wave.

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